Styling By Sydney

Hi Babes-

This is an outlet for me to share my love for styling other people and helping them find themselves through dressing themselves. Because trust me, it really is ALL in the details(;

below is where you can find my pricing for all the services that I offer. if you are interested in anything you can send me an email.

I will also use this amazing platform to post about reviews from clients I have helped style.

Feel free to reach out to me for anything you may be interested in.


Consultation: meeting in person, talking about what you are looking for what steps we want to take from here, figuring out why you are seeking this? $85

Closet Consultation: Coming to your home to see what your style currently is and what space we are working with on storage and how you are looking at your clothing in the mornings to pick out outfits. Purge the items that we don’t need anymore and the basics we can keep! $200

Shopping: take you shopping to a few stores and figure out what we are looking for grabbing the basics

*2 hour minimum * 

$55 dollars an hour 




Whole thing: $450 (saves $55)

*including 4 hours of shopping* 


Partial: $250

Shopping and consultation 

*includes 3 hours of shopping*

Personal styling for an event/trip: 

(1 person)

5 hours notice min: $450

1 day prior: $350

1 week: $200

(2-3 people)

5 hours notice min: $650

1 day prior: $500

1 week: $300

(4+ people)

5 hours notice min: $1000

1 day prior: $700

1 week: $450