CHEAP Engagement Photos


I just wanted to share with you babes how we got some AMAZING photos done and for VERY cheap, as in FREEEEEEE!

It was so easy, and hassle free. Other than getting this man to smile for an hour (jk, he was a great sport and enjoyed every minute) My cousin was actually in town visiting for the week and offered to just take a few shots of us down on the beach. I thought WHY NOT. Who doesn’t love a little photo shoot. Well I am very VERY picky on what I like when it comes to photos, and honestly so is Taylor so maybe that’s why we never have photos because we both always hate them. WOW never good for bloggers. BUT anyways, I have a pretty nice camera (no clue what the details are of it, sorry) and we just went down to the beach and danced around and laughed.

The Photos turned out AMAZING! And I loved basically all of them! Surprisingly Evan is more picky about the way he looks in photos than I am. So I actually liked more of the photos than he did. Once we decided what we liked, I headed over to Light Room app and started editing the photos. Which took me MAYBE 20 minutes, if that.

We only brought two outfits, which was perfect. One was more muted and the other had a pop of color (which was ME)! We stayed in the same location for the whole shoot and it was exactly what I had hoped for AND MORE!

It really was hard for me in the beginning to give up getting engagement photos, because that is something that I feel like EVERY girl sorta dreams about getting done when she finally gets asked the most important question! I still got the photos I had wanted and more, without spending $500 – $800. And by no means am I bashing anyone who does do that, because I wished I could have. But budgeting started the day he got down on one knee. And that is different for every single couple. And I will be sure to share with you guys some of the tips/ tricks I am using to save every penny while also getting everything (or trying to get everything) I hoped for my wedding to be.

This entire blog post is also just a reason for me to share all of our engagement photos in one place without blowing up an instagram feed. AHAH!! But really it is to share that we don’t need all the fancy things people say that we need to get what we had imagined in our minds since we were little girls.

I am so excited to share everything with you guys and hopefully it will help someone who is where I am at in this process or maybe a few steps behind. If you are happy in photos it doesn’t matter who took them, because that will show in the photos and everyone will only be focusing on that!

And because how could I NOT share the ring of my dreams. I mean this boy did GOOOOODDD!! I promise I will never complain again. (;


P.s We do plan on taking more at another location with Evans father who is a great photographer. So another tip is MAKE FRIENDS WITH EVERYONE!!! You never know who has secret hidden talents and will even ASK to take photos of you and your fiancé once it comes time!!



The Blissful Blonde Diaries<3

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