Arizona Trip

Hi Babes!!

We just recently went on a trip to Arizona for such a fun little weekend getaway. We went to a concert and got to spend the rest of our time with friends and amazing, crazy family. It was a great weekend overall that we wish never had to end! We got to skip the crazy California rain for a couple days and get some AZ sun rays, which was AMAZING by the way.

We stopped into some of the cutest of places. but the best one had to be Diego Pops; such a cute little mexican restaurant. They served the BEST margaritas and had some amazing tacos too. But even just the asthetic of the place was to die for!!

We stayed with our brother from another mother, one of our absolutely favorite people who also doubled as our weekend photographer. Still can’t thank him enough for such a great weekend!

The concert was absolutely INSANE and Kelsea Ballerini was the Bees Knees of course. She had the best performance and is so cute and relatable…goals for sure! It was soo cool to finally see Kelly Clarkson live as well; her old songs are still our jam and her voice is out of this world incredible. Of course before the concert our photos were just not loving us because we are the worst at being photographed… EYE ROLL! but this is what sums us up the best…


Thanks for sticking around babes!! We love you all!


The Blissful Blonde Diaries<3

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