Juice Cleanse or HELL?

Welcome back babes!

this post will just be very short and sweet. We actually have a funny story for you. So before our Arizona trip someone thought they would do a juice cleanse a few days before heading out. This didnt happen. She started day one and immediately regretted it. So we ended up splitting the juice cleanse and we each did a day. We didn’t fully commit and ended up snacking on some healthier options through out the day.

We each had 6 juices, which personally I loved all but ONE!! it was horrendous. but of course we didnt agree on that…typical!


and then in between drinks if you felt you needed it we also had shots. these were so cute and SOO YUMMY. And very helpful for your gut in general.

If you are looking to do a juice cleanse, we just suggest to read into first and know what you are getting yourself into…

Thanks for caring (;


The Blissful Blonde Diaries

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