North Carolina

Hey Babes!! Its starting to feel like summer already around here! JK it wont stop raining…

We wanted to do a final beach vacay/ wedding round up from our trip we took in October for a very special event! Yes, we know its late. But this is what happens when you have multiple people with cameras on vacation, and then no one knows where their photos are or what camera they are on. BUT! We finally got enough rounded up to make you guys a blog post!

So we actually only went to North Carolina for our cousins wedding who is actually like another sister to us! But it basically became an all together vacation for the whole family. we stayed in this beautiful beach house where the wedding actually took place!

The trip was amazing and basically the entire wedding party stayed in the beach house and when we say beach house, we actually mean BEACH MANSION!!! It was beyond beautiful and an even better wedding.

The bridesmaids were able to get ready on the top floor and the groomsmen got ready on the bottom floor. We did our own hair and makeup which was so fun because we all got to sit and laugh while doing it and helping each other out!!

The whole trip was such an amazing success and the memories made will last a lifetime!

We also ended up watching one of the Blissful Blondes catch the Bouquet…… but we are still waiting on that proposal!


Thanks for catching up babes!


The Blissful Blonde Diaries

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