Our last and final Recap of our forever ago NYC trip! We can’t wait to finally have this post up for you babes. Not like you have been waiting for this for over 5 months or anything…..

It is very clear that we loved the atmosphere of NYC and just the whole surrounding of the city all together gave you this rush and made you feel more alive with every step you took.

Grand Central station was such an amazing place to stop and see. There was so much happening the whole time and for some reason it just gave us straight harry potter vibes and we were just waiting for someone to be pushing their cart full of luggage with an owl on top and run straight into a wall to head to Hogwarts.

If you couldn’t tell it was QUITE chilly on our last day and NO ONE was prepared. we all threw on as many layers of clothing we could without looking like sad little Californians in the cold windy weather.


And the most important stop of them all, The New York Public Library. It’s amazing in photos but oh my goodness we were in AWE when we walked in. We would never complain about studying ever again if we got to do it in there…well maybe thats a lie. But we did love it. It was hard to leave after being there for only a weekend.


The Blissful Blonde Babes

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