New York: DAY TWO


Hi babes,

Thanks for being so patient with us (lol even though you didn’t really have any other option) on getting this post up. Life gets in the way and before you know it months have flown by and you forget you even had time to ever go to NYC!

Well lovelies, here it is! A recap of our NYC trip DAY TWO with some fun little photos and details!

Our entire trip was just a total EXPLORE fest. We had no plans for anything special, which we feel like that works the best because if something were to have not worked out and we didnt get to see something then you would be super bummed or dissappionted and it’s best to just have fun and see what you see. No expectations!

We spent one day walking around with no plans what so ever and happened to find ourselves close to Time Square, which is like a no brainer when you are in New York.

Later we found ourselves at Central Park and obviously the first thing we did was purchase some hot dogs because you can’t go to NYC and not get a hot dog!! Then we walked around and found the infamous Friends fountain (a must see if you’re as obsessed with the show as us). And pretty much just did all the touristy things!


The Blissful Blonde Babes

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