23 & Surprised!

Hey Babes,

It’s been alittle too long if you ask us. But sometimes life has it’s moments and you just gotta deal with it. BUT, we are back and soo excited for all these amazing blog posts coming your way. And we are even more excited to share everything with ya’ll.

So Taylor recently had a birthday (& by recently I mean 2 months back). She is a July baby and for her birthday I teamed up with one of her BESTIES! ANDDDD we threw her an amazing surprise party.

I will start off by telling you that she is EXTREMELY hard to hide things from. If you know Taylor you know what I mean. She is ALWAYS in the loop of things and the day of the party we had to pretend to ignore her, and let me tell you she did not make it easy. BUT, we pulled it off and tears of joy came with lots of laughter when she walked in! All the credit needs to go to Shelly girl. She is like a second sister and doubles as Taylor’s best friend.

Step 1: To plan the party we started off with figuring out how many people would be likely to come, from the rough estimate we got from that we decided on a location we thought would work.

Step 2: Making sure we could secure the location for the day and the time we decided on. Always try to include the majority of your guests in on this if you aren’t sure how it will all work out.

Step 3: Send out the invitations & gather all your supplies for the party. Pretty easy. If you have a theme BE CONSISTENT!

Step 4: Day of the party IGNORE TAYLOR (or your guest of honor) have your guests arrive 30 Min – 1 hour prior to the Surprisee!


Did I mention you have to keep it a secret the entire time!??

PRO TIP: It is way easier to plan a surprise party when it isn’t super far in advanced. People start getting antsy and someone usually ends up letting it slip to the person and it’s all a waste. Someone even almost let it slip the night before!!

Moral of the story? It was a successful party and Taylor survived to 23! Lots of friends and family made it out and we celebrated someone we all love dearly!

Soon to come: 22 life lessons I learned before turning 23! (By: Taylor)


one of the Blissful Blondes

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