Where It All Started


We wanted to start with saying thank you for stopping by BBD and checking out the blog!

So, right now you might be asking yourself: who are The Blissful Blondes of this Diary & what is BBD? Well we’re here to answer those questions for you!

First, we’d like to introduce ourselves so you can all get to know us a little better! We are two sisters (Taylor & Sydney) and we truly are just living the dream out here in the beautiful state of California. We’re Ohio natives but moved out here to the good ol’ OC many moons ago.

For as long as we can remember we have always loved playing dress up with our grandma’s fancy clothes and then eventually always wanting to go shopping with our mom! Then we realized that we were actually addicted to shopping… which is pretty impossible not to be when you grow up 2 sisters and a single mom. We have always been the person in our friend groups that everyone came to for fashion advice or just to steal our clothes!

We then quickly realized how much we adored styling both ourselves and others! So this blog is our Style Diaries, where two Blissfully happy Blondes plan to share all their styling details and life tips: one day at a time babes!



Taylor Madison// Older Sister// A born shopper and essential fashion enthusiast. Nordstrom takes pretty much aallll of my money (Level 3 rewards WHADDUP) but I also love brands like Madewell, Free People & anything from Anthropologie. I don’t even remember when I started truly following blogs and influencers but now it’s basically all I do. I’m so inspired by how easy it is to express yourself in an outfit; I love spicing up my style with a fun shoe and/or funky and chunky earring. I’m so excited to start this blog and lifestyle with my baby sister. I can’t wait to see where this takes us in life and in our relationship as sisters.





Sydney Rea// Baby Sister// Lover for all things fashion & art inspired! Also, I have an obsession with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING sweet or salty, so don’t tempt me. I love creating and sketching up new ideas to share with others and being a fashion designer has been a dream of mine since as long as I can remember. I have such big dreams for the future of this blog with my best friend/ biggest nightmare/ sister, is just the beginning and I can NOT wait to watch it grow.